Developing a Whole Child who is safe, healthy, engaged, supported, and challenged requires the collaborative efforts of parents, teachers, school administrators, the government, industries, and the rest of the Philippine community. With their guidance and support, a child can develop into a well-rounded individual who is able to use his/her talents and skills to the fullest as well as contribute to nation-building.


The role of laws and their implementation in achieving this objective cannot be understated. Comprehensive, well-written, and relevant laws are crucial, but so is their staunch execution. With good laws set in place and implemented justly for all, we are better assured of raising children in a safe, healthy, engaged, supported, and challenged environment – children who are bound to take active, positive roles in building the nation in the coming years.

Through the instrumentality of law, the government is able to regulate various sectors such as the economy, education, agriculture, and many others. When we have good and functional laws, these sectors can work far more productively, leading to a solidly-built and unified nation. REX Book Store commits to this end by offering an extensive line of law books and supplementary materials drafted by some of our country’s most prominent law professors and leading law practitioners.

As their custodian and vicarious carrier, lawyers know laws better than the rest of society and can competently assess – as well as demand – the need for change when these laws are not strictly adhered to. Through their active and continuous learning, lawyers are better able to fulfill their mission of supporting the Constitution, obeying laws, and most importantly, maintaining allegiance to the country, which, after all, is the first obligation listed in the Lawyer’s Oath.