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 Date Posted : 2014-01-30


2nd EETA Awardees: (from left) Dr. Antonio Del Carmen, Prof. Cecile Manikan, Prof. Mila Lagrosa, Jose Ramelle Javier, Fr. Cesar Manlosa, Dr. Perla Zotomayor, Don Timothy Buhain, Dr. Marl Ferenal, Sr. Amelia David, ICM, Dr. Maria Cristina Robles, Ana Leilani Atienza, Michael Yanga, Rina Lopez-Bautista, Dr. Eduardo Morato, Jr.

MANILA, Philippines - Despite the major developments in the national economy and government, the Philippine education system in general lags behind its counterparts in many aspects. And while significant reforms are now being instituted by government bodies like the Department of Education, many schools are hindered from taking the path to excellence especially with the lack of basic necessities like classrooms, good textbooks, learning materials, and even educational management systems that would have been considered mandatory in other countries.

That is why the creation of the Excellence in Educational Transformation Awards or EETA in 2010 has become timely as the Philippine educational system is poised for a shift to a K to 12 system and with schools preparing their students to be at par with the world's best. This was made possible by three institution partners who believe that the time to implement sweeping reforms in Philippine schools, both public and private, should be now, in order to keep up with the world.

"The rationale behind creating the EETA is to encourage educational reforms all over the country, that the transformation of moribund educational systems into dynamic institutions of learning should now be the goal of everyone," explained Dr. Eduardo A. Morato, Jr., President of Bayan Academy, one of the three proponents of the awards.

To make this goal a reality, he sought the support of Don Timothy Buhain, COO of Rex Book Store and a former student at Asian Institute of Management (where Morato served as its dean for a number of years), and Rina Lopez-Bautista of the Knowledge Channel Foundation. Rex Book Store is one of the country's oldest and leading publishing houses for textbooks and educational materials, while Knowledge Channel Foundation is an educational cable television channel under the ABS-CBN group.

"We are one with Bayan Academy in honoring schools that have beaten the odds," said Don Timothy I. Buhain, whose family has managed the bookstore and publishing house for decades. "Rex Book Store has been a catalyst to educational progress in the country by providing quality books and educational materials to schools. In this regard, we want to support whatever efforts are being made in order to improve Philippine education."

As one of the CSR arms of the Lopez Group of Companies, the Knowledge Channel also supports the endeavor to raise the bar in educational standards in the country. "Being a sister-institution of Bayan Academy, the Knowledge Channel believes that by investing in schools that strive for excellence in all aspects, we are also investing for a better future where Filipinos thrive in a culture of learning and excellence," said Lopez-Bautista.

A total of P2 million will be awarded to schools chosen by a distinguished panel of judges selected by the three partners, including the top award dubbed "Most Transformative School for Learning Effectiveness and School Efficiency Award," given to the school that has demonstrated the most innovation and transformation in its learning environment, school processes and systems towards learning effectiveness and school efficiency. The winner of this award will receive a trophy and a cash prize of is P500,000.

"The EETA has become the benchmark for excellence in educational reforms. Schools that have transformed their scholastic environments, uplifted their teaching standards and motivated their students to accomplish beyond expectations were cited....," Dr. Morato said.

For more information on the awards, check out the webpage( and download the application form and mechanics. Submissions may be addressed to Zaida Villanueva, EETA Secretariat, Bayan Academy for Social Entrepreneurship and Human Resource Development, 2/F Calderon Building, 827 EDSA, Quezon City. Call (02) 920-3025 or e-mail ( for inquiries. Deadline for submission of entries is on Jan.31, 2014.

Source :
The Philippine Star