Law Book Publications

Since the publication of its first law book in 1958, Rex Book Store, Inc. (RBSI) has maintained award-winning legal publications that have been recognized by the highest court in the land. The Supreme Court of the Philippines conferred the "Centenary Book Awards" to 24 RBSI legal publications during its Centennial Celebration in June 2001 as follows:

In an increasingly complex and competitive industry with changing customer expectations and consumer demands - schools, colleges and universities now see the need to adapt and prepare students to practice what they had learned using OBE. No longer is it simply a popular trend, rather it has become an essential tool in ensuring academic success.

The 1987 Constitution of the Republic of the Philippines: A Commentary
(Rev. Fr. Joaquin G. Bernas)

Legal Forms, Annotated
(Prof. Sulpicio Guevarra)

Revised Rules on Evidence, Annotated, Vol. 2
(Sen. Ambrosio Padilla)

Civil Code, Annotated, Vols. II-VII
(Sen. Ambrosio Padilla)

Criminal Law (Revised Penal
Code, Annotated) Book 1
(Sen. Ambrosio Padilla)

Civil Code of the Philippines, Vols. II-V
(Justice Edgardo L. Paras)

The Labor Code with Comments and Cases, Vols. I and II
(Prof. Cesario A. Azucena)

The National Internal Revenue Code, Annotated
(Prof. Hector de Leon)

Tax Law and Jurisprudence,
(Justice Jose C. Vitug, Judge Ernesto D. Acosta)

Fundamentals of Criminal Law Review
(Dean Antonio L. Gregorio)

Remedial Law, Vols. I-VII
(Justice Oscar M. Herrera)

Comments on the Code of Professional Responsibility and the Code of Judicial Conduct
(Atty. Ruben E. Agpalo)

Philippine Law Dictionary
(Justice Federico Moreno)

Registration of Land Titles and Deeds
(Comm. Antonio Noblejas, Judge Edilberto Noblejas)

Registration of Land Titles and Deeds
(Prof. Narciso Peña)

Criminal Law, Book 1
(Judge Ruperto B. Kapunan)

The Revised Penal Code, Books I and II
(Justice Luis B. Reyes)

Comments on the Rules of Courts, Vols. I-VI
(Justice Manuel V. Moran)

Public International Law
(Sen. Jovito Salonga, Chief Justice Pedro Yap)

Treatise on Philippine Partnership
(Justice Esteban Bautista)

Commentaries and Jurisprudence on the Revised
Rules of Court: Criminal Procedure
(Prof. Generoso Jacinto)

Basic Evidence
(Justice Ricardo J. Francisco))

Updated National Internal Revenue Code
(Prof. Jose Arañas)

Commentaries and Jurisprudence on the Code of Muslim Personal Law of the Philippines with Jurisprudence and Special Procedure
(Judge Bensaudi Arabani, Sr.)