To engage the help educators engage learners, we provide hands-on learning experiences through our Experiential Learning Solutions.

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In a world where information is available in an instant, acquisition of knowledge is no longer the sole focus of education. To better prepare learners for a complex, rapidly evolving, highly technological, and environmentally fragile world, experiencing what they learn first hand enables them to be prepared for a future where they can create and innovate solutions to problems that don’t even exist yet.


As it is our goal to engage and enable our partners to ensure the nourishment of the Whole Child, our Senior High School Work Immersion Partnership Program connects schools and different companies to ensure a meaningful work immersion experience for students. We partner with different industries, the government, and organizations and work together with HR departments and teachers to make sure that learning objectives are met and DepEd guidelines are strictly followed.


With REX Quidbots, we enable educators and schools to improve the way they engage students while at the same time inspire them to innovate, invent, and create solutions through our modular electronics kits. Aligned with the K-12 curriculum, these easy-to-use electronic building blocks are magnetic, color-coded, and reusable, which enables endless possibilities to spark one’s imaagination.


REX acknowledges that everything it does, from publishing superior learning materials, to providing ISO-certified printing services, to holding relevant professional development seminars for educators and school administrators, are ultimately for the child (“Para sa Bata”). But REX is not content with simply serving the child; it envisions a Whole Child: a child who’s safe, healthy, challenged, supported, and engaged.