To achieve our goal of educating the filipino whole child, we don’t just offer relevant learning solutions, we also provide professional development services to engage and enable schools, teachers and administrators to address today’s needs in education.

REX Book Store Educator Enablement Solutions


In the dawn of the 21st Century, more than ever, educators are faced with many challenges to address the needs of each learner. With changes in both technology and the education landscape itself happening at fast pace, we believe enabling educators like teachers, administrators, and parents to be able to create and innovate solutions that will bring education forward and ultimately, nurture the whole child.



As it is our goal to engage and enable our partners to nurture the whole child, we understand that partnerships and the involvement of everyone is key to a better and brighter future for all of us. That’s why we partnered with a national center of excellence in teacher education, Miriam College with The Nexus Project, our professional development solution for teachers, by teachers.

Be Part of a First in Philippine Teacher Education

In partnership with Miriam College, a national center of excellence in teacher education, REX Book Store inaugurates the first continuing professional development course for teachers that focuses on learner-centeredness. This is the Graduate Diploma in Learner-centered Education.

The eighteen-unit graduate program that can be completed over the summer in-service period lasting for a month (May 2017) can be credited to the master of education degree programs in the College of Education of Miriam College.


The Teachers’ Press is the country’s first comprehensive publication house solely dedicated to the production of both traditional and technology-enabled professional teacher education, training, and development resources. It will serve not only the 1,576 higher education institutions (HEIs) offering programs in education science and teacher education in the country. Ultimately, it will serve teachers in the classroom and alternative learning environments who are in search for innovative teaching and professional development resources.


The Resource for Educators and Academic Professionals (REAP) was established by the REX Group of Companies to address the growing needs of teachers in terms of professional development. From seminars and trainings to professional development design and venues, we ensure that we engage and enable our partners to nurture the Whole Child.


REX acknowledges that everything it does, from publishing superior learning materials, to providing ISO-certified printing services, to holding relevant professional development seminars for educators and school administrators, are ultimately for the child (“Para sa Bata”). But REX is not content with simply serving the child; it envisions a Whole Child: a child who’s safe, healthy, challenged, supported, and engaged.