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Years of providing relevant educational materials
published titles for K-12, tertiary, and law levels
branches and showrooms throughout the country

“Our belief that quality education is the key to our nation’s success drives us, gives meaning to our work, and imbues us with hope for a better nation. Together, let us continue upholding our vocation in education… PARA SA BATA!

Don Timothy Buhain
Chief Operating Officer
REX Book Store, Inc.

Who We Are

REX Book Store is a leading Education Solutions Provider in the Philippines that aims to develop learners who excel in a complex, rapidly evolving, globally connected, highly technological, and environmentally fragile world and who contribute to its betterment. To achieve this goal, REX provides Educational Materials that are relevant to schools, administrators, teachers, and — most importantly — students.


Everything that we do — from publishing superior learning materials, to providing ISO-certified printing services, to holding relevant professional development seminars for educators and school administrators — are ultimately for the child (“Para sa Bata”). But we are not content with simply serving the child; we envision a Filipino Whole Child: a child who’s safe, healthy, challenged, supported, and engaged.

Our Vision

By 2024, the REX Group of Companies will be the industry leader in educating the Filipino Whole Child.

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We develop learners who excel in a complex, rapidly evolving, globally connected, highly technological, and environmentally fragile world and who contribute to its betterment.

We recognize, develop, and engage talents and architects of learning as partners in delivering integrated learning solutions.

We build a robust, sustainable business that will redound to the welfare and benefit of our customers, associates, authors, partners, shareholders, and the communities we serve.

Our Core Values

What Defines Us


We are devoted to the highest level of performance in everything that we do. We acknowledge our responsibility over the impact of our products and services to society. We are dedicated to building our technical and professional skills to continuously improve ourselves and our products, and to a fanatical attention to detail and consistency.


We recognize that our responsibility toward the learners and other architects of learning starts with our integrity as a corporation and as individuals. We act with respect and responsibility, following rules of conduct and methods of practice. We have the highest regard for human dignity, recognizing our role in transforming people to be the best that they can be.


We perform our work in a prompt, effective, and efficient manner, adhering to the culture of successful execution. We understand, anticipate, and meet the demands of the changing world and its unique individuals.


We work together focused on pursuing our Mission, mindful of our diversity and the differences that make us strong, and aware of our responsibility as a team to all customers, employees, shareholders, and other stakeholders.


The REX Group of Companies is made up of REX Book Store, Inc. (RBSI), Rex Printing Company, Inc. (RPCI), Rex Book Store International, Inc. (RBSII), Rex Crown Publications, Inc. (RCPI), Rex Digital Publishing Corporation, J&J Properties and Trading Corporation, and Rex Institute for Student Excellence (RISE).

1973 : Rex Printing Company, Inc. (RPCI) was established to cater to the printing needs of the ever-growing RBSI Publications. Within RPCI, the Rex Commercial Division was organized to respond to the printing needs of its quality-conscious clientele.

1989: J&J Property and Trading Corporation was established as the real estate arm of the REX Group of Companies.

2003: Rex Crown Publications Inc. was formed with the objective of creating supplementary materials that will complement textbooks.

2005: Rex Book Store, Inc. International (RBSII) was established for foreign business transactions and deals with co-publishing, outright purchases, translations, and similar arrangements.

2012: Rex Digital Publishing Corp. was created to respond to the growing digital demands of education.

2016: Rex Institute for Student Excellence (RISE) was established to assist educational institutions and teachers in the use of assessment and research toward the achievement of students’ learning goals.